Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is CS Server Rcon and How to use

What is Rcon:

Rcon means remote control. You can control the servers console right from your console. Assume that you have a dedicated server running, you cannot go to the dedicated server each time to change or give any command. This is the situation where you need rcon. In the dedicated server, you will give a password in the dedicated server and the same in your console.

How to use Rcon:

Just give this command in the dedicated server
  • rcon_password xxxx
Now give the sae password in your console
  • rcon_password xxxx
Now from your console, you can control the dedicated server's console by giving commands with this type,
  • rcon changelevel de_dust2
This means that the command changelevel de_dust2 should be given to dedicated server. This is it.

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