Friday, June 5, 2009

NFS Most Wanted Multiplayer LAN Game Settings

Connecting two computers via LAN and playing NFS in LAN is easy but just needs some time. To play NFS Most Wanted Multiplayer in LAN,

  1. Firstly the two computers must be connected through a LAN cable and configured such that both the computers detect each other. NFSMW can directly connect between two computers and needs no additional software like PunkBuster.
  2. Secondly, install the same version of the game NFSMW in both the computers. This will ensure the avoiding of any possibilities of version differences of NFS Most Wanted Game installation.
  3. Now, from one of the computers, go to the NFS MW menu and reach the LAN Tab. From here Create a LAN Server where the NFSMW application asks you to enter a name.
  4. Enter any name and proceed.
  5. Ask the person at the other computer to select the same LAN server option in his menu of NFS MW.
  6. Now, he must be able to see the name which you have put in your server. If he is not able to see any game names, ask him to disable the windows firewall or add NFSMW to firewall exception. Check the same with the server's PC too.
  7. Ask him to join the game. If he is not able to join the game, retry by recreating the game server.
  8. To join the game, the other person must also put his own name.
  9. Ask him to enter the name and join.
  10. Now the person who has created the server must start a quick race and should select one of the options out of three namely, Sprint, Circuit, Drag.
  11. Its your own choice to chose the type of the race.
  12. Once you finish selecting, the NFSMW application automatically searches for any games in the server. After it finds none, it will ask you to create one.
  13. Create Game.
  14. Ask your friend to select the same option out of three which you have selected, Sprint, Circuit or Drag.
  15. Once he selects the option, he should be directly put into your game which you have created. If he is unable to join, it is wise to recreate game and ask him to join immediately.
  16. That's it. The NFS MW application itself will start the game once everyone is ready in the game. You can enjoy playing.
NFS MW needs no additional application to play on LAN but to play online the NFS and all its games requires PunkBuster application.

While everyone is in the game, the game itself starts a countdown, there is no need to give any command to start the game in NFS Most Wanted. If one of the players quits in between the game, the connection will be lost. This will show the following error message "Connection to the other server has been lost".

Also if there is any problem regarding the connection of the cross cable to connect LAN, or any problem while connecting PCs in Windows, or for any problems regarding the setting up Multiplayer game Server in one PC, or if there is any problem regarding joining the created game, or problems with creation of games, feel free to comment.


  1. i m trying to connect thorugh WIFI but its not connecting and keep on connecting. LAN networking is fine and firewall is disabled also. pinging procedure is ok on both side. m using window 64 bit and other is on 32 bit

  2. After creating game in server pc, im trying to join other pc, but the game is then stopping its working and getting colsed . What to do???

  3. i have done all the steps that u just said above but after one session the game displays a message that connection lost n i hav to re establish the lan game again so plz tell how can i solve that problem

  4. If you are using windows 7 and LAN play crashes just go to game installed folder and right click on the speed.exe and go to Properties>>compatibility tab and select:”Run this program in compatibility mode for:windows XP (SP3) and enjoy LAN play!!

  5. Hi
    I was trying to join player 2 two server that is player 1 but while connecting it just takes a time and after that the connection to the LAN server has been lost pop up appear.

    please tell me how to solve this

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